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     Damn,” she hisses, running her thumb over the small piece of metal, a loose chain dangling from her palm. “…It broke.”

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What? No hugs and tears for an old friend? Not like I’d expect it though.
If you’d shouted “Fang!” and hugged me…
I mighta had a heart attack on the spot.

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For my dear Serah

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Final Fantasy XIII SeriesRandom 500px Gifs [17/]

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Roleplay Starters & Prompts

❂ -- It's incredibly hot outside and my muse is trying to persuade yours to go swimming together.
☁︎ -- A dream (or nightmare) about your muse.
❆ -- It's snowing and my muse slips on ice, accidentally crashing into your muse.
☯ -- My muse meets yours in a tranquil setting.
✆ -- A text message from my muse.
◎ -- It's raining and my muse finds yours outside completely drenched and crying.
☂ -- My muse encounters yours just as it starts to rain.
✑ -- Something my muse has written about your muse. ( Could be a letter, drawing, etc. )
↭ -- My muse is lost and stops to ask your muse for directions.
⌖ -- My muse's reaction to accidentally shooting your muse.
◌ -- Some of my muse's thoughts about your muse.
☉ -- My muse is undressing when your muse accidentally walks into the room.
✬ -- My muse conveys one of their wishes to you.
¤ -- In some turn of events, your muse ends up staying with mine.
❅ -- Our muses are trying to warm up after spending a day outside in the snow.
♪ -- My muse walks in on your muse singing to themselves.
❊❁ -- My muse gives yours some flowers.
❁ -- My muse's reaction to receiving a rose from your muse.
✧ -- A kiss from my muse to yours.
◎ -- My muse's reaction to being kissed by yours.
♡ -- A romantic gift from my muse.
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